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About Us

This is the official website for MakeWay Publishing Limited, a company that is committed to “making way for your ultimate success”.
From our experience as authors, we realise that some people's dreams of having their book(s) in the lime light have been curtailed.  As a result, we work actively with authors in order to help turn their dreams into reality. We pride ourselves on providing a service that not only gets your book published, but to also make it available to the world so that you can receive royalty endlessly.
In addition, we are interested in assisting coming generations of future leaders in acquiring applicable knowledge that will be relevant to their life’s pursuit and destiny. This will help them to take the action steps that will produce desired results. As such, we ensure that the autobiographies and biographies produced have an inspirational and educational edge to them. They are also “easy to read” (and “good to listen to” - with respect to audio books) as some have said.
We keep stretching our "tentacles" to ensure that we remain relevant to all our stakeholders, thus ensuring that a mutually beneficial relationship is enjoyed by all. As such, we cherish the relationship we have with all our contacts.

Our Vision Statement:
Evidence of restored hope in every community

Our Mission Statement:
Inspiring action and good results through applicable knowledge

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is the education of all peoples in an entertaining manner.

Our Values:

Our core values depict an apt acronym to our clients’ desire to succeed: RESTORE

Reliable (You can depend on us to carry out your heart’s desires)

Excellent (Always better than the last time)

Strategic (Your desired success is our drive, so we plan adequately towards it)

Timely (We keep our word)

Opportunity (We help you recognise and create open doors)

Result-oriented (Our commitment is a delivery of the planned outcome)

Extra mile (This is what we do)






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